Printing Audits

Let us audit your companies printing at no cost to you!

Our Services

  • One of our professional sales people will audit all of your companies printing expenditures. We find out how much is spent on an annual basis. This service is FREE OF CHARGE because it is a fact finding mission.
  • We secure three (3) bids from quality wholesale manufacturers, to find out true cost. This then gives us an idea if your company pricing is in line with the market place.
  • We then give a report on the annual savings found and come up with a proposal going forward from the audit.


  • Reduce forms cost while providing excellent quality and service.
  • Control image of company logo and printing requirement.
  • Interview all forms sales personnel that call on your company and evaluate their concepts.
  • We are your IN HOUSE PRINT BUYER, enabling your company employee to maximize time spent on other projects.