Kopytek Merger

We are excited to announce as of May 1, 2015 we are merging with Kopytek. This merge is a great fit for Missouri Business Forms. Kopytek has all the necessary tools to help us to grow, thrive and expand our customer base.

Kopytek is a strong company financially and will be the boost we need. This will enable us to get out and sell, instead of dealing with the day to day work a company needs to be successful.

We would like to give you permission, going forward to allow any purchase orders that come over that reference our old job numbers from Missouri Business Forms from Kopytek to be handled just like before. If you need up to date financials from Kopytek, please let us know. We will make sure you get what is needed.

Thank you for all the years of service to our company and we are glad we will continue the valued relationship we have had with you.


Steve George
President of Missouri Business Forms, Inc.

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